Situated at the heart of the village of Botley, in the High Street, is Botley Market Hall, a 19th Century Grade 2 Listed Building – it is Botley’s “Village Hall”. Although old, the Hall is a building of great character, and has been upgraded and improved over the years so that it now has all the modern facilities to be expected of a community centre – fully accessible to the infirm and people with disabilities, WiFi, public address system, excellent acoustics, modernised kitchen, modern heating and comfortable seating. Not surprising, therefore, that it is well used for all sorts of purposes – leisure, education, sport, creative and big events. It is also popular for private functions such as wedding receptions.

The Market Hall was donated to the village for the benefit of everyone in the community, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion or disability. It is now owned and run by a local charity, recognised by the Charity Commission. Dependent totally on local voluntary effort, both in terms of running the Hall and raising fundraising, the Hall is well managed by a team of Trustees and volunteer helpers, who work with Local Authorities and local organisations to ensure the Hall meets the needs of the local community.

The Trustees  are grateful and acknowledge the continued support of The Bugle Inn Botley in donating funds used for the general upkeep and improvements to the Market Hall.